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What is Monolith?

Monolith is a suite of programs designed to play MIDI files on Acorn 32-bit computers.

The suite comprises several elements :

  • !Monolith - desktop front-end.
  • Ethereal - interrupt-driven relocatable module.
  • Documentation - user guide and reference manual for !Monolith and Ethereal.


System Requirements.

In order to run Monolith successfully requires :

  • Acorn 32-bit computer, eg Archimedes, RiscPC.
  • Acorn 3.14 compatible MIDI interface.
  • MIDI instrument (and leads).



Monolith can play Standard MIDI Files (format 0 or 1) through an Acorn 3.14 compatible MIDI interface. The process is interrupt-driven and optimised for speed which means it is transparent to the user and should not affect the machine's performance noticably.


MIDI Support.

At the heart of the Monolith suite, the Ethereal module provides a simple, reliable MIDI playback interface for Acorn programmers. The suite contains full documentation for Ethereal, including User Guide and Reference Manual in the Docs subdirectory, and provides versatile playback and file checking utilities via SWI and CLI interfaces.

Ethereal has been providing MIDI hardware support for Acorn 32-bit machines since its release on 27th June, 1996. In the interim, three releases have been made, each adding new features and refinements. This track record has attracted users from home and abroad, and recently has led to commercial success providing MIDI support for several popular PC games ported to Acorn by R-Comp Interactive. These games include Syndicate+, Abuse, Descent and Heroes of Might & Magic 2.

Monolith (including Ethereal) is distributed as FreeWare for non-commercial use, but commercial licences are also available from the Author for a small remuneration. Further details are available in the 'Licence' file in Monolith's Docs subdirectory, and by emailing

Acorn programmers need look no further than Ethereal to provide solid MIDI support for 32-bit machines, from the original A-series up to the latest RiscPC.

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