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12thJuly 2001
Currently the game is slow on anything less than a StrongARM.

7thJune 2001
Menu system now bolted on, a few bugs but getting there.
Level Editor now improved with mechanism for routes and testing levels.
Second Introduction being worked on.
Music starting to appear from two musicians. Test CD's are being made to test.
Lamborghini Diablo 30SE Jota car added.

18thMay 2001
Two new complete tracks have now been finished.
In negotiations with two musicians regarding including their music in EMD.
Still no headway into movie filetypes.

8thMarch 2001
Fairly quiet at the minute. Preliminary menu system now active.

16thJanuary 2001
Movie render to be done to act as the intro.
Desert level scenery almost complete.
New tracks to be created using new scenery.
New menu graphics.

View the EMD model shots here.





Eat My Dust (EMD) is an overhead driving game in a similar vain to Micro Machines ( whoever created Micro Machines) and High Risc Racing. Subtle differences are immediately noted, firstly there is more interaction with the environment and not merely a race. Tokens, oil spills, burning cars and sheep are among others in this totally excellent game.

As per usual the typical, well-known VOTI humour exists along with the VOTI addictiveness. Multiplayer support is also in the pipeline currently using the same computer but possible serial connection. Net connection can only happen if someone who is confident with networking can help us.

Eat My Dust would have been much slowed in progess if it hadn't been for the brilliant TopModel now being sold by Cerilica.

Alpha Screenshots

EMD Train Construction
Early construction of a train in DaVinci 90.

Preliminary Title Screen Screenshot 1
New Preliminary Title Screen. 16/01/01 All alone.
Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3
16/01/01 Trees? Roads? Here? With my reputation? 16/01/01 Where's the track gone?
Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5
16/01/01 Phwaw! It sphinx around here. 19/01/01 Preliminary new Menu Screen
Screenshot 6 Screenshot 7
08/03/01 New menu system now in testing. 08/03/01 New menu system now in testing.
Screenshot 8 Screenshot 9
07/06/01 Route editor. 07/06/01 Test level, note the Lamborghini.
Screenshot 10 Screenshot 11
09/06/01 Possible new Introduction sequence playing to a music track. 07/06/01



* Made it run off menu, just (most params ignored)
* Changed internal representation of ground

* New level editor and thus entire new tracks
* Thus old tracks don't work

* Tile size reduced for new level editor. Hope the graphics artist is happy.
* Dragster car added.
* An option for gore will be added so no need to register complaints.
* New level editor created.

* Subgame B - You have to bomb as many cars as you can with the plane.

* Graphics memory consumption halved, down from about 2.5 meg to 1.6 megish
* Subgame A - You have to do a lap and squash 10 people/sheep/etc in under
  120 secs -
  Also clock mechanism allowing other sub games/ indurance games etc
* Haystacks and trees give off leaves/hay when you drive through them
* Fixed stack handler bug in VOTI intro.
* Show squishable things on map token
* Teleport weapon - Needs a little fine tuning but works quite well.
* Very small drain cover ;)

* Police car - if you hit it then it chases after you. Eventually I'll make it
  give up after a while
* Trees have trunks!! You'll be pleased to note that the trees now have a
  physical entity.
  The lampposts (zebra crossing) dont as yet, but the principle is very easy to
  apply, so I'll leave it till the level design is a bit more settled.
* Escape returns to menu, ctrl+escape quits.
* Desktop front end supplied by Gordon!
* A nice draw file in the Strong help file... (But no text yet)
* New 'powerup' revelas positions of all squishable things (eg people, sheep)
  on the scanner

* Smoke puffs
* Some different graphics
* Hopefully squished a few bugs

Future Developments

Possible introduction movie rendered in 3D StudioMax. Will be a large movie and will have to be installed on HD to run so that music can be played off the CD, will be an option to skip to a "light" introduction on installation.

Forest scenery to be done.
Tracks to be designed.
Menu system to be completed for new graphics.


More emphasis has been put onto the actual game so cost is low down on the agenda. However, the game is heading for the 20-25 UK pound mark. This may change. We are unsure at this time whether we will be releasing it ourselves.


EMD will just about run on an RISC PC 700 but is best suited and is written for a StrongARM machine. We are engaging in testing for the A7000+ but it looks likely that that will be just a tad bit too slow. Game is looking set for a CD release.

Test computers used:

Unproven but likely candidates:

This is a single and a multi player game.

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