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Toy Party

ToyParty is a new game being developed by Fantasia, based on the multi-game concept behind the N64's Mario Party. Most releases feature one 'main' game, whereas Mario Party is a collection of what would typically be called 'subgames' and relies quite heavily on multiplayer play. ToyParty is similarly aimed at shared gaming, although Fantasia claim that the computer will be intelligent enough for single-player fun - but games such as those in Mario Party half rely for their success on the fact that you're playing real people, so it remains to be seen if Fantasia can do better than Nintendo. Some of the games will feature tests of speed, whilst others will require more thought than agility. A development picture of one game is shown here, reduced to a quarter size to fit:

[Game screenshot]

The game can run in varying resolutions, with high colour-depth sprites for those with machines that can cope. Let's hope Fantasia can finish this game sometime soon so we can have at least one new release to try out, but they admit that "it would be closer to the truth if we said later rather than sooner."

[Character models]

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Abandoned games
Darklands, Fantasia's ToyParty and VOTI's EMD have all reported signs of life in the recent past, whilst Skirmish is apparently still ongoing but is way behind schedule and it looks like it might well never make it out. TEK and Iron Dignity are still on the way, although again both are pretty heavily delayed. And as for R-Comp's port of F16 Fighting Falcon, it looks like it will never be released, having been killed by frame-rates that were just too low.

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