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BBC Compatibility - 2

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Here's another BBC games compatibility list, kindly supplied by Alex Card. Please note that it was prepared with a fairly early version of !6502Em and it's possible that some games which previously gave problems now work - however, any games listed as working in this list will certainly work!

You can also go back to the other compatibility list.

Game                       Comp                       Dir          W Comments                                 
-------------------------- -------------------------- ------------ - ---------------------------------------- 
Swarm                      Computer Concepts          AtoE1        Y FAST & FURIOUS INVADERS CLONE            
Asteroids Deluxe           Atarisoft                  AtoE1        Y GOOD VERSION ASTEROIDS                   
Chuckie Egg                A&F Software               AtoE1        Y *RUN CH_EGG, CLASSIC PLATFORMER          
Birdie Barrage             Computasolve               AtoE1        Y BIT NAFF GOLF GAME                       
Commando                   Elite                      AtoE1        Y JUNGLE WARFARE                           
Cylon Attack               A&F Software               AtoE1        Y EARLY 3D BLASTER, GOOD FUN               
Frak!                      Aardvark                   AtoE1        Y CAVEMAN PLATFORMER WITH YO-YO, FAB.      
Gorf                       Dr.Soft                    AtoE1        Y SPACE SHOOT 'EM UP, DULL.                
Space Hawks                Computer Concepts          AtoE1        Y INVADERS CLONE                           
Jack Attack                Bug Byte                   AtoE1        Y SLOW, CLUNKY PLATFORM GAME               
Jet Boot Jack              English Software           AtoE1        Y SIMPLE PLATFORMER, IFFY.                 
Donkey Kong Jr.            Atarisoft                  AtoE1        N MAY WORK BUT CAN'T FIND HOW TO START IT  
Lemming Syndrome           Dynabyte                   AtoE1        Y BOUNCING RESCUE GAME.                    
The Mine                   Unknown                    AtoE1        Y DIGGER GAME, VERY BAD.                   
Painter                    A&F Software               AtoE1        Y DRAW AROUND FRAME, AVOID NASTIES.        
Phantom                    Dr.Soft                    AtoE1        Y DREADFUL FLIGHT SIM.                     
Pole Position              Atarisoft                  AtoE1        Y CLASSIC CAR RACING GAME, LOOKS DATED.    
Robotron                   Atarisoft                  AtoE1        Y ROBOT IN ARENA, SHOOT ALL BADDIES        
Scrumpy                    Unknown                    AtoE1        Y ODD REVOLVING SHOOT 'EM UP, BORING.      
Staircase Stampede         Unknown                    AtoE1        Y Q*BERT CLONE.                            
Aabatron                   Unknown                    AtoE2        Y POOR SHOOT 'EM UP                        
Airwolf                    Elite                      AtoE2        Y HELICOPTER BLASTER.                      
Boffin                     Addictive Software         AtoE2        Y PROFESSOR WITH UMBRELLA PLATFORM ROMP.   
Crystal Castles            Atarisoft                  AtoE2        Y COLLECT DOTS ON 3D MAZES/CASTLES.        
Glider Pilot               Apex                       AtoE2        Y CATCH THE THERMALS.                      
Combat Lynx                Durrell Soft               AtoE2        Y HELICOPTER STRATEGY GAME.                
Plan_B                     Bug Byte                   AtoE2        Y SHOOT 'EM UP IN A MAZE/PUZZLER.          
Red Arrows                 Database Software          AtoE2        Y PALETTE PROBLEMS, ARROWS NOT RED !!.     
Steve Davis Snooker        CDS                        AtoE2        Y OVERHEAD SNOOKER, AVOID.                 
Spaceman Sid               English Software           AtoE2        Y MOON BUGGY CLONE, JUMPS HOLES & SHOOT.   
Slicker                    DK'Tronics                 AtoE2        Y PUZZLE GAME.                             
3D Tankzone                Dynabyte                   AtoE2        Y 3D VECTOR TANK GAME, DREARY.             
Pogo Pete                  Electrosoft                AtoE3        N FAILS TO LOAD, SHAME IT WAS GOOD.        
Living Daylights           Domark                     AtoE3        Y PALETTE PROBLEMS. GAME LIKE SPYHUNTER    
Paper Boy                  Elite                      AtoE3        Y DELIVER PAPERS, AVOID HAZARDS.           
Microball                  Unknown                    AtoE3        Y GOOD PINBALL GAME.                       
One Last Game              Bevan Soft                 AtoE3        Y ONE LAST GAME 8 YEARS AGO !.             
Palavolcano                Unknown                    AtoE3        N FAILS TO LOAD. MAYBE LIKE ACORN'S VOLCAN 
StarQuake                  Bubble Bus                 AtoE3        Y GOOD SHOOT 'EM UP ON PLANET.             
Survivors                  Atlantis                   AtoE3        Y 3 MACHINES, 1 SKILL EACH, REPTON CLONE.  
Zalaga                     Aardvark                   AtoE3        Y EXCELLENT SWIRLING INVADERS GAME.        
Anarchy Zone               Atlantis                   AtoE4        Y SPACE SHOOT 'EM UP.                      
Chuckee                    Bit Twiddlers              AtoE4        Y ADD-ON TO CHUCKIE EGG.                   
Infinity                   White Legend               Infinity     Y PLATFORM GAME.                           
Pantry Antics              Unknown                    AtoE4        Y KITCHEN GAME, BEST FORGOTTEN.            
Kissin' Kousins            English Soft               AtoE4        Y JUMP BUSHES ETC. TO REACH THE GIRL.      
Rik The Roadie             Alternative                AtoE4        Y CAR DODGING GAME.                        
Bug Blaster                Alligata                   Alligata     Y CENTIPEDE CLONE                          
Growing Pains              Alligata                   Alligata     Y KEEP THE INSECTS OFF THE PLANTS          
Hell Hole                  Alligata                   Alligata     Y SHOOT 'EM UP                             
Guardian                   Alligata                   Alligata     Y PLANETOID CLONE BUT WORKS MUCH BETTER.   
Neanderthal Man            Alligata                   Alligata     Y PLATFORM FRUIT COLLECTING !.             
Ultron                     Alligata                   Alligata     Y SHOOT 'EM UP                             
Eagle Empire               Alligata                   Alligata     Y GREAT PHOENIX CLONE.                     
Blagger                    Alligata                   Alligata     Y PLATFORMER LIKE MANIC MINER.
Dambuster                  Alligata                   Alligata     Y SCROLLING BOUNCY BOMB, DOESN'T WORK WELL 
Who Dares Wins             Alligata                   Alligata     Y COMMANDO CLONE.                          
Decathlon                  Alligata                   Alligata     Y SOME EVENTS DON'T WORK CORRECTLY.        
Mega Sports                Alligata                   Alligata     N MAY WORK WITH SOME TWEAKING.             
Nightworld                 Alligata                   Alligata     Y MAZE GAME                                
Space Rescue               Alligata                   Alligata     N PROBABLY DAMAGED ORIGINAL.               
Roboman                    Alligata                   Alligata     Y ROBOT IN ARENA GAME.                     
Son Of Blagger             Alligata                   Alligata     Y INFERIOR SEQUEL.                         
Tarzan                     Alligata                   Alligata     Y PLATFORM GAME, DIFFERENT TO MARTECH'S    
Web Runner                 Alligata                   Alligata     Y SHOOT 'EM UP ON A SPIDER'S WEB.          
Aqua Attack                Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y SHOOT 'EM UP                             
Arcadians                  Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y DIVING INVADERS CLONE.                   
Aviator                    Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y VECTOR FLIGHT SIM., GOOD                 
Freefall                   Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y STRANGE ANTI-GRAVITY SHOOT 'EM UP        
Hell Force                 Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y SHOOT 'EM UP                             
Super Invaders             Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y INVADERS CLONE.                          
Labyrinth                  Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y DODGY MAZE GAME.                         
Maze                       Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y MAZE GAME.                               
Meteor Mission             Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y DODGE METEORS TO LAND ON PLANET          
Monsters                   Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y DIG HOLES, TRAP MONSTERS                 
Planetoid                  Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y VERY JERKY UNDER EMULATION, TRY GUARDIAN 
Rocket Raid                Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y SLIGHTLY JERKY, TRY MOON RAIDER.         
Tetrapod                   Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y LIKE SHOOTING IN DODGEMS !.              
Snapper                    Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y CLASSIC PACMAN CLONE.                    
Volcano                    Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y RESCUE PEOPLE FROM LAVA, NEAR IMPOSSIBLE 
Starship Command           Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y SHOOT 'EM UP IN SPACE                    
Revs                       Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y USE PATCH TO RUN THIS GREAT RACING GAME. 
Hopper                     Acornsoft                  Acornsoft    Y FROGGER CLONE.                           
Elite                      Acornsoft                  Elite        Y USE PATCH FOR THIS SPACE TRADING GAME.   
Bug Eyes                   Icon                       Audiogenic   Y MAZE ADVENTURE GAME                      
Bug Eyes 2                 Icon                       Audiogenic   Y SUPERIOR SEQUEL.                         
Impact                     Audiogenic                 Audiogenic   Y BREAKOUT CLONE.                          
Psycastria                 Audiogenic                 Audiogenic   Y GOOD URIDIUM CLONE. A BIT JERKY          
Sphere Of Destiny          Audiogenic                 Audiogenic   Y PALETTE PROBLEMS. 3D TRACK IN SPACE.     
Stix                       Audiogenic                 Audiogenic   Y BLOCK OFF PARTS OF THE SCREEN, QIK CLONE 
Genesis Probe              Audiogenic                 Audiogenic   Y DULL SPACE GAME                          
Wizzy's Mansion            Audiogenic                 Audiogenic   Y CRYSTAL CASTLES CLONE.                   
Caveman Capers             Icon                       Audiogenic   Y CAVEMAN ON TORTOISE, AVOID OBSTACLES.    
Chrysalis                  Icon                       Audiogenic   N LOCKS UP, TRY BUMBLE BEE, MAZE GAME.     
Contraption                Icon                       Audiogenic   Y NEAT PLATFORMER.                         
Drain Mania                Icon                       Audiogenic   Y FUN PLATFORM, HEADBANGING GAME.          
Frankenstein 2000          Icon                       Audiogenic   Y FIGHT VIRUSES IN FRANKY, STUPID IDEA !.  
Warp 1                     Icon                       Audiogenic   Y DULL EFFORT STAR TREK CLONE.             
Ziggy                      Audiogenic                 Audiogenic   Y MAZE SHOOT 'EM UP.                       
Ransack                    Audiogenic                 Audiogenic   Y *RUN RANSAC1. SIDEWAYS BOUNCY SHOOT'EM U 
Acid Drops                 Firebird                   FtoJ1        Y BRILLIANT INVADERS CLONE WITH ACID TANK. 
Arabian Nights             Interceptor                FtoJ1        Y RUBBISH PLATFORMER                       
Challenger                 Joe The Lion               FtoJ1        Y IFFY SCROLLING ROCKET RAID CLONE.        
Evening Star               Hewson Consultants         FtoJ1        Y TRAIN SIM., EFFORTLESSLY DULL.           
Leapfrog                   IJK                        FtoJ1        Y OK FROGGER CLONE.                        
Liberator                  Gemini                     FtoJ1        Y POOR SHOOT 'EM UP                        
Looney Lift                H&H                        FtoJ1        Y BAD GAME, TRY NIFTY LIFTY INSTEAD !.     
Microcosm                  Unknown                    FtoJ1        Y JETPAC PLANT PROTECTION.                 
Moon Cresta                Incentive                  FtoJ1        Y INVADERS CLONE.                          
Missile Base               Gemini                     FtoJ1        Y BEST VERSION OF CITY SAVING LASER GAME. 
Pedro                      Imagine                    FtoJ1        Y DEFEND PLANTS AGAINST INSECTS & NASTY ME 
Sentinel                   Firebird                   FtoJ1        Y 10000 LANDSCAPE STRATEGY CLASSIC         
The Sting                  Gemini                     FtoJ1        Y BEAR COLLECTING FRUIT, AVOIDING BEES     
Story                      Unknown                    FtoJ1        Y STORY CREATING PROGRAM, TELETEXT GRAPHIC 
Wizadore                   Imagine                    FtoJ1        Y BRILLIANT MULTI-LEVEL PLATFORMER.        
Yie-Ar Kung Fu             Imagine                    FtoJ1        Y KARATE COMBAT GAME.                      
Arcadia                    Imagine                    FtoJ2        Y INVADERS CLONE.                          
Arkanoid                   Imagine                    FtoJ2        Y BEST BREAKOUT CLONE ON BEEB.             
Green Beret                Konami                     FtoJ2        Y BAD ATTEMPT AT STRYKER'S RUN.            
Birdstrike                 Firebird                   FtoJ2        Y PAGE=&3000, INVADERS CLONE.              
Cosmic Cruiser             Imagine                    FtoJ2        Y WEIRD MIX OF JETPAC & PHOENIX.           
Estra                      Firebird                   FtoJ2        Y SHOOT 'EM UP                             
Mikie                      Imagine                    FtoJ2        N LOCKS ON LOADING. DREADFUL SCHOOL GAME.  
Mutant Defender            FG Soft                    FtoJ2        Y ABYSSMAL SHOOT 'EM UP                    
Uridium                    Hewson Consultants         FtoJ2        N DOESN'T LOAD. TRY PSYCASTRIA INSTEAD.    
Yie-Ar Kung Fu 2           Imagine                    FtoJ2        Y KARATE COMBAT SEQUEL.                    
Hyper Sports               Imagine                    FtoJ2        Y PARTS WORK. ATHLETICS GAME.              
Clogger                    Impact                     FtoJ3        N FAILS TO LOAD. BUILD JIGSAW IN MAZE GAME 
Krakout                    Gremlin                    FtoJ3        Y BREAKOUT CLONE, SIDEWAYS.                
Kourtyard                  Godax                      FtoJ3        Y RAVENSKULL CLONE. MAZE ADVENTURE         
Match Day                  Ocean                      KtoO1        Y FOOTBALL BUT SENSI SOCCER IT ISN'T !.    
Shark                      Audiogenic                 KtoO1        Y STRYKER'S RUN CLONE.                     
Plan_B 2                   Argus                      KtoO1        Y SEQUEL TO MAZE PUZZLER.                  
Way Of The Exploding Fist  Melbourne House            KtoO2        N WON'T LOAD. A GOOD COMBAT GAME.          
Strike Force Harrier       Mirrorsoft                 KtoO1        Y DESPERATELY DIRE FLIGHT SIM.             
Joe Blade 2                Players                    KtoO1        Y SCROLLING COMBAT. BOTTOM OF SCREEN MESSY 
3D Space Ranger            Microbyte                  KtoO1        Y SPACE SHOOT 'EM UP, GIVE IT A MISS.      
XOR                        Longman Logotron           KtoO1        Y SUPERB MAZE PUZZLER WITH 2 SHIELDS.      
Gisburne's Castle          Martech                    KtoO2        Y SCROLLING KNIGHT ADVENTURE.              
Chicane                    Kempston                   KtoO2        Y POLE POSITION CLONE.                     
Cosmic Fighter             Kansas                     KtoO2        Y APPAULING SHOOT 'EM UP.                  
Galactic Firebird          Kansas                     KtoO2        Y INVADERS CLONE, IGNORE.                  
Pinball Arcade             Unknown                    KtoO2        Y GOOD PINBALL TABLE DESIGNER & GAME.      
War                        Martech                    KtoO2        Y TINY SCREEN UPWARD SCROLLING SHOOT 'EM U 
Amaze In Space             Unknown                    KtoO3        Y ROCKET RAID CLONE.                       
Arena 3000                 Microdeal                  KtoO3        Y ROBOTRON CLONE.                          
Astro Plumber              Blue Ribbon                KtoO3        Y BORING PLATFORM GAME.                    
Banana Man                 MRM                        KtoO3        Y FOOD COLLECTING ON HEXAGONS, STUPID GAME 
Bouncing Bill              Oak                        KtoO3        Y JUMP THROUGH GAPS PLATFORMER.            
Caesar The Cat             Mirrorsoft                 KtoO3        Y CHASE MICE & DON'T BREAK THE CHINA       
Castle Assault             MRM                        KtoO3        Y BIT LIKE HUNCHBACK.                      
Colourspace                Llamasoft                  KtoO3        Y PALETTE VERY DODGY, COLOURED PATTERN PRO 
Dogfight                   Oak                        KtoO3        Y GREAT HEAD TO HEAD BI-PLANE BATTLE.      
Guy In The Hat             MRM                        KtoO3        Y WORSE THAN BANANA MAN !.                 
Q*Man                      MRM                        KtoO3        Y Q*BERT CLONE.                            
Tarzan                     Martech                    KtoO3        Y SIDEWAYS SCROLLING ADVENTURE.            
3D Munchy                  MRM                        KtoO4        Y PACMAN IN 3D.                            
Castle Of Gems             MRM                        KtoO4        Y CRYSTAL CASTLES CLONE.                   
Diamond Mine               MRM                        KtoO4        Y BUILD TUNNEL DON'T HIT ANYTHING. V.GOOD  
Kane                       Mastertronic               KtoO4        Y DIRE COMBAT GAME                         
Nightmare Maze             MRM                        KtoO4        Y BASICALLY IT'S 3D PACMAN AGAIN.          
Ravage                     MRM                        KtoO4        N FAILED TO LOAD, PROBABLY CORRUPT ORIGINA 
Screwball                  MRM                        KtoO4        Y Q*BERT CLONE                             
The Sorceror               MRM                        KtoO4        Y CAN'T REMEMBER                           
Tetris                     Mirrorsoft                 KtoO4        Y THE ORIGINAL BLOCK FITTING GAME. 
Daley Thompson             Ocean                      KtoO4        Y DIRECTORIES NEED ADJUSTING. ATHLETICS.   
Icarus                     Mandarin                   KtoO5        Y MAZE SHOOT'EM UP                         
Bumble Bee                 Micropower                 Micropower1  Y PACMAN WITH REVOLVING DOORS.             
Castle Quest               Micropower                 Micropower1  Y BRILLIANT GRAPHICAL ADVENTURE PLATFORMER 
Dr.Who & Mines Of Terror   Micropower                 Micropower1  Y INSTALL ROM, SHAME IT'S STILL AWFUL.     
Demon Decorator            Micropower                 Micropower1  Y PAINTER CLONE.                           
Devil's Domain             Micropower                 Micropower1  Y MAZE GAME                                
Dune Rider                 Micropower                 Micropower1  Y MOON BUGGY CLONE.                        
Frenzy                     Micropower                 Micropower1  Y SUPERB QIX CLONE, BLOCK OFF SCREEN.      
Ghouls                     Micropower                 Micropower1  Y EERIE PLATFORM GAME.                     
Mr.Ee                      Micropower                 Micropower1  Y NEAR ARCADE PERFECT MR.DOO. FAST AT STAR 
Killer Gorilla             Micropower                 Micropower1  Y RUNS FAST. CLASSIC PLATFORM ROMP.        
Plutonium Plunder          Micropower                 Micropower1  Y SHOOT 'EM UP, NOT GOOD.                  
Moon Raider                Micropower                 Micropower1  Y BEST ROCKET RAID GAME.                   
wag                       Micropower                 Micropower1  Y MONEY STEALING PLATFORMER, TEDIOUS       
Imogen                     Micropower                 Imogen       Y PUZZLE GAME WITH WIZARD, CAT & MONKEY.   
Felix & The Fruit Monsters Micropower                 Micropower2  Y PLATFORMER. 1ST PART OF TRILOGY.         
Felix Meets Evil Weevils   Micropower                 Micropower2  Y 2ND PART OF PLATFORM TRILOGY.            
Felix In The Factory       Micropower                 Micropower2  Y 3RD PART OF PLATFORM TRILOGY. KEEP OILIN 
BlockBuster                Micropower                 Micropower3  Y GREAT VERSION OF Q*BERT                  
Stock Car                  Micropower                 Micropower3  Y TINY CARS RACE ROUND WINDING TRACKS. FUN 
Croaker                    Micropower                 Micropower3  Y FROGGER CLONE.                           
Cybertron                  Micropower                 Micropower3  Y ROBOTRON CLONE.                          
Hunkydory                  Micropower                 Micropower3  Y COLOURFUL PLATFORMER                     
Nemesis                    Micropower                 Micropower3  Y CENTIPEDE CLONE.                         
Positron                   Micropower                 Micropower3  Y INVADERS SHOOT 'EM UP.                   
Rubble Trouble             Micropower                 Micropower3  Y SAVED VIA ICE-BOX. REBOUNDING PENGO CLON 
Swoop                      Micropower                 Micropower3  Y GALAXIAN CLONE.                          
Danger UXB                 Micropower                 Micropower3  Y RUSH TO DETONATE BOMBS IN TIME.          
3-Deep Space               Postern                    PtoT1        Y GENUINE 3D BLAST, WEAR THOSE GLASSES     
Banjax                     Robico                     PtoT1        Y BEAR GRAPHICAL ADVENTURE                 
Beeline                    Robico                     PtoT1        Y BEES POLLINATING FLOWERS                 
Fortress                   Pace                       PtoT1        N WSS TELL ME THEY'VE GOT A WORKING VERSIO 
Galactic Wipeout           RH Soft                    PtoT1        Y DULLO INVADERS CLONE                     
Space Hiway                Pace                       PtoT1        Y INTERESTING TRACK SHOOT 'EM UP           
Sentinel                   Postern                    PtoT1        Y TEMPEST CLONE                            
Ski Slalom                 RH Soft                    PtoT1        Y SIDEWAYS SCROLLING SLALOM, WOT NO HILLS? 
Skyhawk                    Pace                       PtoT1        Y HELICOPTER RESCUE                        
Sorcery                    Pace                       PtoT1        Y PLATFORM                                 
Ultron                     Partis                     PtoT1        Y INVADERS CLONE                           
The Wizard                 Quicksilva                 PtoT1        Y AIM WAND AT GARGOYLES                    
Joe Blade                  Players                    PtoT2        Y BEAT 'EM UP GAME                         
Crypt Capers               Software Projects          PtoT2        Y AKA THE PYRAMID, GOOD MAZE GAME          
Electro Freddie            SoftSpot                   PtoT2        Y PUSH THINGS ONTO CONVEYOR BELT.          
Ewgeebez                   Pace                       PtoT2        Y SPACE MAZE                               
Fruity Freddie             SoftSpot                   PtoT2        Y MUCH LIKE ELECTRO FREDDIE WITH FLOWERS   
Funfair                    SoftSpot                   PtoT2        Y SHOOT THE DUCKS AT THE FAIR              
Heist                      SoftSpot                   PtoT2        Y GRAB THE GOLD, PLATFORMER                
Isle Of Xaan               Robico                     Adventure    Y ADVENTURE                                
Karl's Kavern              Software Projects          PtoT2        Y PLATFORMER                               
Laser Reflex               Talent                     PtoT2        Y DEFLECTING INVADERS CLONE                
Ledgeman                   Software Projects          PtoT2        Y PLATFORMER                               
Manic Miner                Software Projects          PtoT2        Y CLASSIC PLATFORMER WITH LOOS             
Myorem                     Robico                     PtoT2        Y FORGOTTEN ALREADY                        
Nutcraka                   JMP                        PtoT2        Y PALETTE PROBLEMS. SQUIRREL COLLECTS NUTS
Savage Pond                Starcade                   PtoT2        Y BRILLIANT EVOLUTION FROM TADPOLE GAME    
Robotron                   Silversoft                 PtoT2        N CORRUPTED. NOT WORTH PLAYING ANYWAY.     
Super Fruit Machine        SimonSoft                  PtoT2        Y ONE ARMED BANDIT MACHINE.                
Transistors Revenge        SoftSpot                   PtoT2        Y ALIENS ATTACKING CPU SHOOT ALONG WIRES.  
World Cup '86              Unknown                    PtoT2        Y AWFUL FOOTIE MANAGEMENT GAME             
Citadel                    Superior                   Superior1    Y MAZE ADVENTURE                           
Karate Combat              Superior                   Superior1    Y BEAT 'EM UP.                             
Crazee Rider               Superior                   Superior1    Y MOTORBIKE RACING                         
Galaforce                  Superior                   Superior1    Y GOOD ZALAGA LIKE GAME                    
Kix                        Superior                   Superior1    Y INFERIOR QIX CLONE                       
Repton 1                   Superior                   Superior1    Y ORIGINAL BOULDER DASH CLASSIC            
Stryker's Run              Superior                   Superior1    Y 32K VERSION, SIDEWAYS SCROLLING COMBAT   
Syncron                    Superior                   Superior1    Y LIGHTNING FAST URIDIUM CLONE             
Thrust                     Superior                   Superior1    Y GRAVITATIONAL VECTOR SPACE GAME. ACE     
Quest                      Superior                   Superior2    Y SEQUEL TO CITADEL                        
Ravenskull                 Superior                   Superior2    Y OVERHEAD MAZE ADVENTURE                  
Spycat                     Superior                   Superior2    Y DODGY SIDEWAYS SCROLLING GAME.           
Codename Droid             Superior                   Superior3    Y SEQUEL TO STRYKER'S RUN BUT NOT AS GOOD  
Grand Prix Construction    Superior                   Superior3    N KINDS OF WORKS BUT NOT 100%              
Jeremy Goes Jumping        Superior                   Superior3    Y LOOKS DODGY, SCROLLING JETPAC SHOOTER.   
Overdrive                  Superior                   Superior3    Y SIMPLE CAR DODGING. TOP SELLER           
Star Striker               Superior                   Superior3    Y AKA MOON CRESTA, INVADERS CLONE          
Tempest                    Superior                   Superior3    Y ROTATE AROUND WEB, SHOOT BADDIES         
Repton Around World        Superior                   Superior3    Y CLASSIC MAZE GAME, 40 LEVELS             
Battle Tank                Superior                   Superior4    N RUNS BUT UNPLAYABLY. VECTOR TANK BATTLE  
Jack & The Beanstalk       Superior                   Superior4    Y RUBBISH PLATFORM GAME                    
Centipede                  Superior                   Superior4    Y ANCIENT BUT STILL GOOD                   
Deathstar                  Superior                   Superior4    N LOADS TOO LOW. GOOD ASTEROIDS CLONE      
Frogger                    A&F Software               Superior4    Y HOW DID THIS GET ON HERE ?               
Hunchback                  Superior                   Superior4    Y BRILLIANT DODGING GAME SAVE ESMERELDA    
Zany Kong Jr.              Superior                   Superior4    Y DUBIOUS PLATFORMER                       
Road Runner                Superior                   Superior4    Y CAR FLAG COLLECTING NOT MEEP MEEP        
Space Fighter              Superior                   Superior4    Y ASTEROIDS CLONE.                         
VTOL                       Superior                   Superior4    Y TEDIOUS HARRIER GAME                     
BoneCruncher               Superior                   Superior5    Y TOP REPTON CLONE, COLLECT SOAP !!.       
BMX On The Moon            Superior                   Superior5    Y MOON BUGGY CLONE BUT GUESS THE CRAZE !   
Elixir                     Superior                   Superior5    N WON'T LOAD, NAFF PLATFORMER ANYWAY.      
Winged Warlords            Superior                   Superior5    Y JOUST CLONE BUT TOTALLY PATHETIC EFFORT  
Star Warp                  Superior                   Superior5    Y ASTEROIDS CLONE                          
Yoyo                       Superior                   Superior5    Y MAZE ADVENTURE                           
Airlift                    Superior                   Superior6    Y HELICOPTER RESCUE                        
Star Battle                Superior                   Superior6    Y 2 PLAYER GRAVITY DOGFIGHT                
Gnasher                    Superior                   Superior6    Y PACMAN CLONE, PLAY SNAPPER !             
Mr.Wiz                     Superior                   Superior6    Y FORGET THIS & GO FOR MR.EE EVERY TIME    
Mutant Spiders             Superior                   Superior6    Y INVADERS CLONE                           
Space Pilot                Superior                   Superior6    Y ASTEROIDS CLONE                          
Smash & Grab               Superior                   Superior6    Y GRAB THE GOLD                            
Wallaby                    Superior                   Superior6    Y PLATFORM GAME, SAVE BABY FROM MONKEYS    
Last Ninja                 Superior                   Superior7    Y KARATE ADVENTURE                         
Repton 2                   Superior                   Superior7    Y REPTON WITH TELEPORTS                    
Ballistix                  Superior                   Superior8    Y SHOOT THE BALL INTO OPPONENTS GOAL       
By Fair Means Or Foul      Superior                   Superior8    N PIAS VERSION WORKS. BOXING WITH CHEATING 
Pipeline                   Superior                   Superior9    Y REPTON CLONE                             
Predator                   Superior                   Superior9    Y SIDEWAYS COMMANDO TYPE GAME              
Barbarian                  Superior                   SuperiorA    Y PALETTE PROBLEMS. COMBAT GAME
Exile                      Superior                   SuperiorB    Y BEST EVER GAME !!, IT HAS EVERYTHING.    
Repton Infinity            Superior                   RepInfinity  Y REPTON & GAME WRITING PACKAGE. GREAT     
Perplexity                 Superior                   SuperiorC    N WON'T LOAD. PACMAN ADVENTURE             
Barbarian 2                Superior                   SuperiorC    N ONLY GETS TO OPTION SCREEN               
Camelot                    Superior                   SuperiorC    Y AKA QUEST                                
3D Bomb Alley              Software Invasion          SoftInv1     Y TERRIFIC ANTI-AIRCRAFT GAME              
Eagle's Wing               Software Invasion          SoftInv1     Y JERKY SCROLLING BUT FUN FUN AIR BATTLE   
Gunsmoke                   Software Invasion          SoftInv1     Y SHOOT THE BADDIES AT THE OK SALOON       
Spooks & Spiders           Software Invasion          SoftInv1     Y MAZE GAME                                
Vortex                     Software Invasion          SoftInv1     Y SPACE GAME AVOID METEORS                 
3D Grand Prix              Software Invasion          SoftInv2     Y CAR RACING GAME                          
Attack On Alpha Centauri   Software Invasion          SoftInv2     Y NEAT 3D INVADERS CLONE                   
Blitzkreig                 Software Invasion          SoftInv2     Y 3D TANK BATTLE                           
Chipbuster                 Software Invasion          SoftInv2     Y SHOOT THE BADDIES ON THE CPU             
Jet Boat                   Software Invasion          SoftInv2     Y PALETTE TROUBLE BUT WORKS, BOAT RACE     
Superpool                  Software Invasion          SoftInv2     Y PRETTY GOOD OVERHEAD POOL GAME           
Star Maze                  Software Invasion          SoftInv2     Y GOOD ASTEROIDS IN A MAZE GAME            
Street Machine             Software Invasion          SoftInv2     Y DREADFUL CAR RACING GAME                 
Blitzkreig Colour          Software Invasion          SoftInv2     Y SAME GAME, MORE COLOURS                  
Stairway To Hell           Software Invasion          SoftInv3     Y PLATFORM GAME                            
The Big KO                 Tynesoft                   Tynesoft1    Y BOXING GAME, PALETTE IFFY                
Ian Botham's Cricket       Tynesoft                   Tynesoft1    Y COMPLETELY USELESS CRICKET GAME          
U.S.Drag Racing            Tynesoft                   Tynesoft1    Y BELIEVE THE U.S. BIT.                    
Future Shock               Tynesoft                   Tynesoft1    Y PLATFORM GAME                            
Goal                       Tynesoft                   Tynesoft1    Y PALETTE PROBLEMS. INCREDIBLY BAD FOOTBAL 
Rig Attack                 Tynesoft                   Tynesoft1    N PROBABLY CORRUPTED DATA. PITIFUL EFFORT  
Auf Wiedersehen Pet        Tynesoft                   Tynesoft2    Y TOTALLY PATHETIC PLATFORMER              
Vindaloo                   Tynesoft                   Tynesoft2    Y CURRY-EATING GAME !!, WORST EVER IDEA    
Jet Set Willy 2            Tynesoft                   Tynesoft2    N BAD OSGBPB CALL. SEQUEL TO MANIC MINER   
Winter Olympics            Tynesoft                   Tynesoft2    Y REASONABLE SPORTS GAME                   
Spy vs Spy                 Tynesoft                   Tynesoft3    N WON'T LOAD. 2 PLAYER PUZZLES & TRAPS FUN 
Boulder Dash               Tynesoft                   Tynesoft3    Y ORIGINAL BUT INFERIOR REPTON TYPE GAME   
Phantom                    Tynesoft                   Tynesoft3    Y MAZE GAME                                
Saigon                     Tynesoft                   Tynesoft3    Y COMMANDO CLONE                           
Commonwealth Games '86     Tynesoft                   Tynesoft4    Y ATHLETIC EVENTS, POOR                    
Winter Olympiad '88        Tynesoft                   Tynesoft4    Y ANOTHER COLLECTION OF SLIPPERY SIMS      
Superman                   Tynesoft                   Tynesoft5    Y MULTI-PART SHOOT 'EM UP                  
Indoor Sports              Tynesoft                   IndSports    Y AIR HOCKEY, DARTS, PING PONG. PRETTY GOO 
Cholo                      Firebird                   Cholo        Y EXCELLENT VECTOR GRAPHICS ARCVENTURE     
Dunjunz                    Bug Byte                   Dunjunz      Y GAUNTLET CLONE FOR UP TO 4 PLAYERS       
Holed Out !                The 4th Dimension          HoledOut     N REFUSES TO LOAD. TERRIFIC GOLF GAME      
Omega Orb                  Audiogenic                 Omega        Y *RUN OMEGA. SCROLLY SHOOT 'EM UP         
XOR Designer               Longman Logotron           XOR          N GAME RUNS BUT DESIGNER DOESN'T           
Zenon                      Impact                     Zenon        Y ICE-BOX SAVED. 1 OR 2 PLAYER SPACE SHOOT 
Alien 8                    Ultimate                   UtoZ1        Y ISOMETRIC SPACE ADVENTURE.               
Knightlore                 Ultimate                   UtoZ1        Y AWESOME ISOMETRIC MEDIEVAL ARCVENTURE    
Raid Over Moscow           U.S.Gold                   UtoZ1        N WON'T LOAD. JET FIGHTER SHOOT 'EM UP     
Sim                        Viper                      UtoZ1        Y STUNNING JETPAC GAME WITH COOL TUNE      
Aladdin Adventure          Unknown                    UtoZ2        N STARTS BUT LOCKS UP. DULLARD ANYWAY      
Atic Atak                  Ultimate                   UtoZ2        Y OVERHEAD MAZE GAME, PLAY 3 CHARACTERS    
Beach Head                 U.S.Gold                   UtoZ2        Y CONTROL GUN TURRET SHOOT BOATS & PLANES  
JetPac                     Ultimate                   UtoZ2        Y COLLECT ROCKET PARTS & FUEL WITH JETPAC  
Lunar Jetman               Ultimate                   UtoZ2        N PLAYS BUT TINY. MOON BUGGY THEME         
Masters Of The Universe    U.S.Gold                   UtoZ2        Y TEXT ONLY ADVENTURE                      
Paranoid Pete              U-Bix                      UtoZ2        Y CONTROL A WEETABIX !!
Sabre Wulf                 Ultimate                   UtoZ2        Y COLOURFUL OVERHEAD VIEW MAZE GAME        
Spy Hunter                 U.S.Gold                   UtoZ2        Y DRIVING & SHOOTING GAME                  
Bruce Lee                  U.S.Gold                   UtoZ3        Y PLATFORM BEAT 'EM UP. NOT IMPRESSIVE     
Dambusters                 U.S.Gold                   UtoZ3        Y SHOOT 'EM UP                             
Dare Devil Denis           Visions                    UtoZ3        Y SIMPLE BUT GREAT FUN MOTORBIKE GAME      
Diamond Mine               Unicorn                    UtoZ3        Y COLLECT DIAMONDS, ABSOLUTELY HOPELESS    
Flat Out                   Unknown                    UtoZ3        Y VERY BASIC CAR DODGING                   
Impossible Mission         U.S.Gold                   UtoZ3        Y EXCELLENT PLATFORM PUZZLER FAB ANIMATION 
Marble Madness             Unknown                    UtoZ3        Y GUIDE MARBLE DOWN SLOPES, TINY SCREEN    
Nightshade                 Ultimate                   UtoZ3        Y ISOMETRIC ADV., A BIT OF A FLOP          
Nifty Lifty                Visions                    UtoZ3        Y SIMPLE BUT FUN LIFT DODGING GAME         
Pengo                      Watford Electronics        UtoZ3        Y BEST VERSION OF PENGO, POPCORN TUNE TOO  
RockRace                   Unknown                    UtoZ3        Y BOULDER DASH CLONE. SAD VERSION          
Sinbad                     Virgin                     UtoZ3        Y FUN ON A MAGIC CARPET                    
Microbe                    Virgin                     IceBreaker   Y ICE-BOX COPY. FAST BLASTING FUN          
Tapper                     U.S.Gold                   IceBreaker   Y ICE-BOX COPY. DRINK SERVING FUN          
Trench                     Virgin                     IceBreaker   Y ICE-BOX COPY. STAR WARS SHOOT 'EM UP     
Spellbinder                Superior                   Spellbind    Y WAIT ON LOADING. WIZARD GRAPHIC ADV.     
Nectar Collector           Superior                   NectCol      Y REPTINFINITY HUMMYBIRD GAME BY ALEX CARD 
Android Attack             Computer Concepts          AtoE1        Y EXCELLENT MAZE BOMBING GAME              

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