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April 14th
The early days of Acorn gaming - a personal lookback from an ex-Minerva employee
Various new news stories
Other minor updates
April 9th
New screenshots and details for the Darklands preview
News and pictures of forthcoming game ToyParty
Various tidying and minor updates, plus some link fixes
Sorry for the two-month update gap! Ph.D thesis overload...
February 9th
Artex story added to news pages
February 6th
Stacks of new news stories
Previews updated, including Iron Dignity and TEK
Other changes, including Castle Harenae finally moving from Previews to Overviews
Other minor updates, including a few Links updates
January 7th
Some in-depth news including comprehensive details of ProAction's Superior compilation CD
Finally updated the links section! I've decided to focus on Acorn games related links - it's too much work to try and keep a collection of all Acorn links together, and pointless since other people can do it better. But there's now a totally up-to-date and (I hope!) fairly comprehensive colletion of Acorn games-related links which I hope to now keep up to date.
Other minor updates here and there

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Updates made during 1999 (after new site design)
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New Darklands pictures and details
Fantasia's ToyParty - Mario Party-type fun
New Eat my Dust screenshots
The latest Iron Dignity news, screenshots and development info
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