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Proposal, being developed by Peter Otterman and to be published by TBA, is, rather ambitiously, aiming to be a combination of Wing Commander and Doom, mixing Elite-style space fighting scenes with 3D walk-around-and-kill scenes, and at its current stage of development is apparently "quite fast with low-res graphics", although the final version will let you set the level of graphic detail. Traditionally, attempts to mix diverse styles of gameplay have tended to produce games which satisfy noone, since players have to enjoy playing all parts of the game to enjoy playing it at all, but let's hope that Proposal, if it is ever released, bucks that trend.

Set in the distant future you must represent the Federation against the evil Rebel forces, saving mankind - so no marks for originality. The entire solar system is on the brink of interplanetary war, and only the Federation stands in the way. (Yawn). An out-and-out war could signal the end of mankind. (Yawn again). Your task is to visit all the Rebel-controlled planetary bases and blow them up, which involves finding a keycard for that base first. (.....)

Some sample screenshots from an early version of the game:

An early demo version is available for download from the University of Stuttgart FTP server, although this includes only a limited combat section.

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