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Acorn World 1997

[Acorn World aerial shot]Acorn World 1997 took place at the Wembley Exhibition Centre, London, UK from the 31st of October to the 2nd of November. For Acorn Gaming aficionados there were a few sites of particular interest, and there was certainly much more to see than the sorry state of affairs which presented itself at last year's show, even if it wasn't exactly gaming paradise incarnate.

You may already have read reports on Acorn World in other magazines, but I can assure you that this report contains plenty of things that you won't have read (or seen) anywhere else! Some of these are due to the focus on games, whilst others are due to a rather irreverent approach.

[Acorn stand]

Probably the most hyped title finally on release at the show was TBA Software's 3D racing game Brutal Horse Power, although there was a first public showing of an Acorn port of Quake running throughout the show on Acorn's stand. The Datafile had the brand new Wizard Apprentice available on CD at a special show offer (now extended until the end of January), and the superb new space strategy game Exodus was also on general sale. If you hadn't seen Drifter previously then it was running on various stands, and some new ProAction ports of old BBC Micro games were on display on the Werewolf Software stand. The Fourth Dimension also had a couple of minor new releases on sale.

[Acorn World - empty on Sunday!]Due to the size of this article I've split it up onto several separate pages, liberally decorated with revealing photographs! There are also some interesting shots of Chris Cox and Peter Bondar giving their presentation on the Future of Acorn...

[Conference Hall entrance] [Conference Hall 3]
The entrance to Acorn World (left), which was in Wembley Conference Hall 3 (right)

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