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Title: Fine Racer
Links: None
Supplier: Eterna
Players: 1
Type: Racing
Needs: OS 2: Yes   OS 3: ?   RPC: No   SA: No

Title: Fire and Ice ****
Works as such on the Risc PC, but flickers too much to be playable.
Links: Review:
On these pages
Supplier: Warner Interactive Entertainment
Players: 1
Type: Platform
Needs: OS 2: ?   OS 3: Yes   RPC: No   SA: No

Title: Fireball
Links: None
Supplier: CIS
Players: 1
Type: Bat'n'ball
Needs: OS 2: Yes   OS 3: ?   RPC: ?   SA: No

Title: Fireball 2 ***
Links: None
Supplier: CIS
Players: 1
Type: Bat'n'ball
Needs: OS 2: Yes   OS 3: Yes   RPC: Game On   SA: StrongGuard

Title: Fish ****
Links: None
Supplier: Magnetic Scrolls
Players: 1
Type: Adventure - text
Needs: OS 2: Yes   OS 3: Yes   RPC: Yes   SA: Yes

Title: Fist Lore *** (£30)
Some pleasantly large sprites, nice graphics and parallax (but incorrect!) scrolling fail to turn this into a winner. Poor control and a stunning lack of moves cripples what could perhaps have been the first decent Acorn beat'em'up.
Links: None
Players: 1
Type: Beat'em'up
Needs: 2MB   OS 2: Yes   OS 3: Yes   RPC: Yes   SA: ?

Title: Flashback ***** (£28)
A brilliant conversion of this outstanding game, surpassing even the excellence of the console versions. Packed full of realistic animation, superb backgrounds and storyline animations, and with excellent game design and atmospheric event-triggered music, this is one of the best games on the Acorn platform. If you like puzzle solving then you must buy this game!
Links: None
Supplier: US Gold
Players: 1
Type: Arcade adventure
Needs: 2MB   OS 2: Yes   OS 3: Yes   RPC: Yes   SA: Yes, but requires
CrunchFix and new QTM sound system

Title: Flight Simulator Toolkit (£45)
Lets you construct your own flight simulators.
Links: None
Supplier: Simis
Players: 1
Type: Flight simulator
Needs: OS 2: Yes   OS 3: ?   RPC: ?   SA: ?

Title: Floopy * (£3.50)
Very cheap and primitive game with terrible graphics, very poor coding, and virtually no gameplay. Looks like a very early 8-bit game.
Links: None
Soft Rock Software
Players: 1
Type: Arcade
Needs: OS 2: ?   OS 3: Yes   RPC: ?   SA: ?

Title: Flying High - Euroblaster and Joust *** (£14.50)
Two game pack containing the shoot'em'up Euroblaster, a simple non-scrolling shoot'em'up, and a 32-bit version of Joust, a "classic" game where you must dismount riders from ostriches. Will work on non-StrongARM Risc PC but is too slow and jerky to be playable.
Links: Demo:
The Datafile web pages (Euroblaster only)
Supplier: The Datafile
Players: 1
Type: Shoot'em'up/Joust
Needs: 1MB   OS 2: No   OS 3: No   RPC: No   SA: Yes

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