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Title: Zarch ***
Fun game which takes a lot of getting used to. Very impressive when first released, and turned more than a few heads, but unfortunately now very pedestrian.
Links: None
Superior Software Ltd.
Players: 1
Type: Zarch (aka Virus)
Needs: OS 2: Yes   OS 3: Yes   RPC: Game On   SA: ?

Title: Zelanites: The Onslaught **
Poor attempt at a space invaders clone. Originality? What's that?
Links: None
Supplier: Micro Power
Players: 1
Type: Shoot'em'up
Needs: OS 2: Yes   OS 3: No   RPC: No   SA: No

Title: Zool
Cheerful platform game which sold partially on hype. Acorn version looks dreary due to lack of raster bars (basic Amiga version) or backgrounds (32-bit Amiga version). An Acorn Computing patch added the raster bars (but no vertical movement) - they were omitted from the original because of time constraints.
Links: Review:
On these pages
Supplier: Gremlin
Players: 1
Type: Platform
Needs: OS 2: Yes   OS 3: Yes   RPC: Game On   SA: StrongGuard

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