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july 2001

You can read about VOTI's games in development on their website, including space adventure Overcast and fighting game Sumisu San. There are also lots of development screenshots for racing game EMD, plus pictures of various vehicles. [also see story for 8/8/01]
Author of the Acorn version of strategy game Dune 2, Jason Tribbeck, has made it available for free download from his website. The entire game is there, except for the introduction (which was available free on an Acorn User CD a long time ago anyway, and isn't very exciting in any case!).
Chris Bazley has added two new utilities to his Starfighter 3000 page, which are of use if you want to edit some of the game files. Some of the existing utilities have been updated too - full details are on his website.
RISC OS Monopoly clone Deskopoly has been updated to a new version, downloadable from the author's website. Source code is also available if anyone fancies trying to improve it further!
A new release of Super Methane Brothers is available (see story for 25/6/01).
ProAction have released yet another update for their Superior CD - this has apparently been sent out to owners. Apparently another update (the fourth?!) is due in a couple of months!

june 2001 news

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