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september 2000

R-Comp have updated their commercial Acorn Quake to version 1.20. This makes things a bit faster (but still much slower than on any recent PC, of course) - mainly, though, by being based on a newer Quake engine it provides support for more add-ons and modifications, as well as providing some bug fixes.
Paradise's JoyPad software, which provides drivers for a wide range of games input devices, has been updated. It now supports even more joypads and allows them to emulate mouse and keyboard actions. Pop along to Paradise's website to find out more. (If you need to upgrade then contact them via their website)
Chris Bazley has released a patch for Starfighter 3000, and Alex Macfarlane Smith has released a StrongARM patch for the patch! The patch is basically for any machine newer than an A5000, increasing the draw distance and fixing some of the problems that occur on later machines.
PC users might like to know about a new rival to Archie's preeminance as the best Archimedes emulator for Windows. Graeme Barnes has released a new freeware emulator called RedSquirrel.
Not directly related to gaming, but having read the Acorn-specific news site The Icon Bar for the past couple of months, I thought I'd recommend it as the best source of up-to-date Acorn news and definitely worth bookmarking. Unlike Acorn User they provide relevant, unbiassed and comprehensive coverage, and without any of the lazy linking to other sites that plagues other general Acorn news sites. Succinct, knowledgeable and literate, they're also the only properly up-to-date site. But, of course, stick to Acorn Gaming for games news! :)
If you're still having trouble with the Acorn User games CD then check out the official support site which now contains some essential patches

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