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june 1999

R-Comp have announced they've finally given up waiting for Martin Piper to produce his promised Acorn port of Quake, more than a year after R-Comp first accepted money for the full game. Originally promised for completion during later Summer 1997, this decision apparently signals a permanent termination of two years of broken pledges of near-release from Martin. R-Comp had claimed their commercial release would easily out-perform Peter Teichmann's free game player, ArcQuake, but now they intend to rerelease Peter's existing player in a commercially-supported form, although it is not clear how many enhancements there will be over the current free version. Price is not yet known, but will be lower than that previously announced (so maybe somewhere just below the £30 mark). No new release date has yet been given.
Players of text-character-based RPG Angband will be pleased to learn that Musus Umbra has uploaded a new version of his frontend to his website (now being on v1.24). The most recent additions to the page are Angband 2.8.3h, Zangband 2.2.4 and Oangband 0.4.0. Meanwhile, Thomas Harris has ported GSNAngband, Rangband, GW-Angband and Kangband, all of which are available from his own website. Finally, Henry Helliwell has ported PernAngband and made it availabe from his website.

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