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january 1998

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ArcQuake now supports multiplayer games via a direct machine-to-machine serial cable connection
Jack Parkinson is working on an Acorn port of the fully 3D (and therefore a bit confusing!) game Descent
Soft Rock Software have released their five previously commercial Acorn budget games as freeware, avilable for download from their web site - Escape from Exeria, Drop Rock, Floopy, Guardians of the Labyrinth and Switch
Artex Software, developers and publishers of Exodus, are working on a new realtime strategy game entitled TEK! and a new graphical adventure called Ankh
A classic 16-bit era game will be available "soon" in a superb, pixel-perfect Acorn port which is playable on all Acorn machines
TBA are finalising the details of their free add-on pack for Brutal Horse Power, giving extra tracks and other improvements - a bug-fix upgrade for the basic version has been available for some time
Paradise have confirmed that, despite various lifestyle changes for their members, development is continuing on Overload and Pocket Money, and another very exciting project is at an early stage

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