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AU CD 10 - Alone in the Dark codes

These aren't all the codes you can be asked for, but if you run it a few times you'll eventually be asked for a page number lower than 52 and you'll be able to get in. Use the left and right cursor keys to select the first object, and then push the down cursor key and repeat it again for the second, pushing RETURN once done.

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Key to objects

Pot = Pot
Boo = Book
Bow = Bow
Per = Perfume bottle
Swo = Sword
Rif = Rifle
Key = Key
Vas = Vase
Mir = Mirror
Jug = Jug
Med = Medical kit
Oil = Oil container
Pis = Pistol
Lan = Lantern
Not = Notepad
Lig = Lighter
Bul = Bullets
Axe = Axe
Gra = Gramophone player
Mat = Matchbox
Kni = Knife
Rec = Record (looks like a fried egg!)
Box = Box (open)
Ido = Idol


Page  1st object  2nd object
  1   Med         Swo
  2   Axe         Mir
  3   Per         Med
  4   Kni         Mat
  5   Pot         Rec
  6   Rif         Gra
  7   Swo         Rif
  8   Med         Pis
  9   Jug         Kni
 10   Kni         Lan (?)
 11   Mat         Rif
 12   Jar         Bow
 13   Boo         Mir
 14   Rif         Not
 15   Pot         Lig
 16   Lan         Gra
 17   Rif         Ido
 18   Lig         Rec
 19   Pis         Key
 20   Boo         Axe
 21   Kni         Mir
 22   Rif         Pis
 23   Axe         Lig
 24   Bow         Mat
 25   Med         Box
 26   Bul         Mir
 27   Ido         Pot
 28   Pis         Med
 29   Mir         Lig
 30   Axe         Mat
 31   Rec         Ido
 32   Bow         Ido
 33   Mir         Axe
 34   Bow         Rif
 35   Bow         Pot
 36   Oil         Mat
 37   Lan         Ido
 38   Oil         Vas
 39   Vas         Med
 40   Swo         Bow
 41   Bul         Oil
 42   Oil         Bow
 43   Gra         Pot
 44   Pot         Med
 45   Vas         Ido
 46   Swo         Kni
 47   Rec         Gra
 48   Pis         Lig
 49   Bow         Bul
 50   Box         Key
 51   Vas         Lan

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